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The Independence to Put the Client’s Needs First

Mark is an Independent Licensed Investment Advisor  with a MBA in Finance and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Based in New Hampshire and Maine he serves clients through out these areas.

As an Independent  Investment Advisor, Mark has no quotas to meet or conflicts of interest. Instead, he can put the client’s needs first and develop customized wealth management and retirement strategies based on individual objectives and asset management, not allocation. 

 Mark offers a wide array of services and products, including fixed indexed annuities, insurance, Social Security education, and financial planning. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology to assist in developing strategies, none which replace knowledge and experience building investment portfolios to fit the clients objectives.

In providing comprehensive financial strategies and asset management, he seeks to meet four objectives:

  • Help families and business develop a financial strategy in the case of a premature death.
  • Help develop a predictable and steady stream of income providing independence.
  • Protect that income from illness or injury preserving dignity.
  • Create a legacy for the family’s next generations.

In addition to assisting individuals and families one-on-one, Mark writes about the financial industry for several New Hampshire newspapers and on his blog. He also frequently hosts seminars and presentations for the community. Educating attendees on a variety of topics, including Social Security, financial planning, and retirement, he has spoken at churches, libraries, community centers, private companies, and other venues. He seeks to share his knowledge on the complexities of common financial issues, including Social Security, and inform individuals on how certain actions can affect their entire family. With the goal of bringing awareness, Mark seeks to help his clients and community better understand financial planning strategies.